Whether you’re planning to build a garden from scratch or “just” renovate your current garden, it’s always helpful to get useful ideas and guidance from those who have been designing gardens for years.

Colorful gardens

We all tend to buy impulses and take beautiful, colorful plants and flowers home. However, when designing a garden, it is worth digging into the mysteries of the flora a little better, the easiest way to do this is to ask a professional for help. Horticultural professionals are well versed in flora issues.

Design of the garden

Layered planting mimics the canopy found in nature. The gaps around the base trees and shrubs can be filled with perennials with shorter lives. If you want to smuggle a little mystery into your garden, design an outdoor space so that you don’t see everything at once, so you can easily make your garden mysterious.

The plants of the garden

The combination of formal plants such as boxwood and naturalistic plants such as Japanese maple lends structure and balance. Feel free to mix different styles in your garden, but if you are unsure, ask a garden designer for help with an aesthetic and beautiful look.

Garden maintenance

Leave room for your plants. Happy plants will inevitably grow larger than their estimated size, so it is a good idea to plant plants that are expected to grow to a larger size to avoid future problems. As in many areas, regular maintenance is important in the garden. If you are afraid that the design of your garden would suffer in the absence of a specialist, contact us with confidence!


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