Thoughts on the garden and its composition in connection with gardening.

Gardening - What is the essence of the garden itself?

It would be a shame to argue about which garden is beautiful since everyone is different. Lots and lots of home-grown fruits and vegetables for the family, lots of colorful flowers that liven up our every day, a mirror-smooth surface of water that we can relax in a little bit .. everyone sees something different in it and wants to design it for a different purpose. That is why gardening, gardening is the release of creative energies, the love of the road to the goal, an art, playing with the most wonderful tools given by nature, the manifestation of our personality.

Gardening - How to cut into it?

If we want a garden with a sophisticated design based on our ideas, it is worth entrusting the composition to a specialist whose field of gardening is his field of expertise.

For me, as a professional, the garden is the canvas, the elements of the garden are the colors, and there is no brush, only my imagination, to which nothing limits.

In style, I am characterized by purity, perhaps this is also due to the fact that Japanese culture is close to me and I can also design and build several Japanese gardens behind me.

Gardening - The big picture is the point

The garden should be treated as a space with the house, as this will give the atmosphere of our home, the garden will enclose the indoor space. Therefore, when we build, it is worth treating the outdoor and indoor environment as one. And if we shape our garden afterwards, the style and details of the house will definitely be the starting point in the gardening process.

When we think of composing a garden, there will always be a connection to the house, but we can still use interesting shapes and pairings from it. One of the main questions is always what we want to communicate with the garden, what we want to “use” it for.

We take into account the climate, the style of the landscape, the surface, the space, the body and the lines, the overall picture of the shapes.

Architectural gardens are characterized by continuity, unity, continuity, concatenation, as if we were just launching a string of pearls.

Gardening - Painting a garden canvas

Nothing is regular with picturesque garden design and construction, the whole picture is the point. During garden construction, they can be subordinate to the garden and with it to the parts of the house when some details would stand on their own in shape and form, and they could be subordinate when we smuggle in a smaller detail just to make it stand out more.


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