Are you thinking of garden renovation or remodeling, but you have no idea what you want? Get some advice from us!

Garden objects that are closer to the house will be used multiple times. Place seating areas and other significant items near the house where you are more likely to use them. Elements placed too far away create a feeling of isolation, so we use these garden elements less often.

Use colors consciously in your garden!

Combine plants with complementary colors such as blue and orange to create visual tension. Adding another color population, such as red, adds additional complexity, causing an unexpected surprise. Use these colors to unify the landscape and create order throughout your entire garden.

Create the visual balance of your garden!

 Use strong, straight lines and shafts to determine the structure of your garden, and soften the edges with plants. Our eyes practically long for the balance of definite lines and natural edges represented by plants when we walk in a garden. Our garden design professionals create order in your garden in the blink of an eye with a few simple but even more emphatic lines.

Connecting garden elements

We have already mentioned the importance of colors, but keep in mind that in order to create real unity, it is worth combining the color worlds of natural and artificial garden elements. Match the rest of your garden to the colors of your plants and flowers if you want an eye-catching effect when you’re done gardening!


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