Have you heard of night gardens?

The long summer days are a place to relax and unwind in the garden. After the sun sets, the incoming darkness transforms the garden into a magical place. The chirping of crickets, the sight of a rising moon and the scents of flowers coming in the gentle evening breeze make these evenings unforgettable. Night (also known as lunar or white) gardens became popular years ago to enhance summer evening experiences.

Night garden

The night gardens include white flowers and plants with silver or variegated foliage, which are only really visible in the reflected light of the moon, creating a sense of mystery and romance. There are also flowers in the moon gardens that are specifically fragrant, further enhancing the experience. The bright color scheme and various accessories further accentuate the night atmosphere.

The colors of the night garden

In the dark, our eyes see only a limited color spectrum and contrast. The white flowers get a glow, they seem to float in the air when the contrasting green foliage disappears in the dark, creating a quite magical effect. With the arrival of the night, our senses intensify and we are better attuned to the sight, sounds and smells of nature, so the garden provides a multi-sensory experience.

Night garden for meditation

We don’t have to turn our entire garden into a night garden. Even a small part of the terrace or a hidden corner of the garden is enough to create a wonderful night sanctuary, an intimate destination for quiet contemplation or just a place to share a glass of wine with your friends.


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