If you want to protect your garden from weeds with natural solutions, stay with us for the next few lines!

Ground coverings have excellent properties. They help prevent weeds from appearing and fill in the bare spots found under the trees. Different ground coverings thrive even in adverse conditions, even in places where no other plant could grow out, such as rocky ground or shade.

Creeping juniper

These ground-creeping conifers are preferred because of their feather-like needles, which are bluish-greenish or silvery in color, depending on the variety. These plants often turn darker in winter, arousing interest throughout the year. Stable, adaptable and thrives in harsh conditions, including coastal climates, rocky soils and dry conditions.

Woolly grass

Surely we all remember the petals that caressed so much in our childhood. The soft and elongated leaves make this plant so attractive. Their soft texture and silvery color bloom beautifully in the gardens. Woolly grasses grow pink flowers in summer, which also attracts attention.


We all know cake grass, even if we haven’t met it in the garden, for sure in the kitchen. This low, strong-aromatic herb is an extremely resistant plant in gardens. Its characteristic odor is released when their leaves are crushed or crushed. Among the thyme we can also find a variety that is planted in the gardens not by its scent or aroma by garden design professionals, but by its beautiful, ornate flowers.


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