As with our previous article, we now focus on shaping our home and garden into a large unit.

Combine your garden with your home! Unifying your home and garden actually depends on designing your garden with the same enthusiasm and energy as the floor plan of your home. Our first task is to decide what functions our garden should fulfill. Once our vision has solidified, we need to plan and build the division and equipment of the garden accordingly.

Garden decoration

Never forget that less is sometimes more! Set a boundary for garden decorations and accessories. Instead, rely on architectural elements such as pavilions, stairs, and walls. Self-restraint can also be a virtue in the field of plants, as we can often come across gardens where the owner wanted so many beautiful and fragrant flowers in his garden at once that it went to the detriment of the overall effect.

Exciting garden

Do you want your garden to arouse your guests' desire to discover? Major objects such as a swimming pool or seating facilities should be placed comfortably and airily, but with extras such as a lake or a gazebo, they can be great “destinations” complete with a nice paved road.

Hobbies in the garden

Design your garden with your family's leisure activities in mind! Are family or friends gatherings common in your garden? Design a fireplace or unique seating area where you can forget-to-talk, have fun or dine with loved ones. If you have any questions about garden design, feel free to contact our staff!


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