Anyone who gardens regularly, with passion, knows very well that this is not just a job, but a way of self-expression. And the essence of modern gardening is to express our style with it and adapt to the modern way of life, and gardening is even more than that.

History of Horticulture - The Formation of the Modern Garden

Already in antiquity, there was a difference in attitudes towards the garden, attitudes, and art. In addition to Egyptian houses, regular, symmetrical gardens and plants were characteristic, while in Mesopotamia, gardens were created that were freer than this, in no way tied to symmetry. The beginnings of gardening had already begun here somewhere.

Later, horticulture developed between these two extremes

In Chinese and Japanese gardens, the main aspect was the picturesque approach: to view the garden as a painting that we can discover differently from each angle. The ancient Greeks did not place too much emphasis on the world of gardening. The Arab gardens were also characterized by austerity, of which they still survive in the south of Spain.

Changes in horticulture

The external characteristics and roles of gardens have changed a lot over the years as well as in different cultures. There was an increasing split between hobby gardening and horticulture. In hobby gardening, the cultivation of useful terms, fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs is becoming increasingly popular, along with experimentation with cultivation popular in another climate. And gardening could also begin to unfold, and more and more gardening professionals of different styles took on their style and self-expression.

Horticulture - The development of today's modern garden

The development of today’s modern garden was also brought about by my lifestyle, which is why we condense a lot of things into our day in today's society, so it’s best to have something practical, simple, and fast. The care of a modern garden is the same, and its appearance also represents simplicity and clarity in the world of garden art.


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