The minimal garden style is characterized by cleanliness and simplicity, it does not try to evoke a rustic, naturalistic atmosphere with fruit trees or overly variegated flowers. Each season gives a different flower its beauty, its character.

The minimal garden is becoming more and more popular

It is only in recent years that gardens have been built more frequently in the spirit of this style, but since then, minimal gardens have become increasingly popular. It is popular in larger cities and also tries to convey an urban atmosphere in its style, adapting its work needs to the accelerated urban pace.

The outdoor space is in keeping with the clean lines and geometric shapes inside the house.

Minimal garden - What are its features?

The minimal garden is made up of clean, simple vegetation, coverings, materials, and accessories. The variegated colors are not typical here, rather the green plants dominate, in simple, geometric shapes, and the overall picture forms a unit. When choosing plants for a minimal garden, this uniform whole must look good in all seasons.

Colors are either pastel colors or more bold personalities with more vibrant colors, but everything is based on one color or its shades, no blending.

Minimal garden - Requires little care

The huge advantage of a minimal garden is that its care is minimal. Many times the green lawn is replaced with white gravel if there is no time for regular mowing and watering. Metal and glass accessories are also common, which also match the restrained coverings in color.

Minimal Garden - What's your message?

The minimal style should not be perceived as a creation of unity tied to rules and systems, but rather as a maximally satisfying, low-occupancy, but stylishly executed overall picture.

Nor does it necessarily mean that we cannot live out our creativity and show our uniqueness in it when designing and constructing a minimal garden. Metropolitan gardens are often scarce, so it can take a lot of brainstorming to realize our ideas while still being aesthetically pleasing.


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