Perennials are a great way to achieve year-round garden splendor.

It is important for every garden owner to have a beautiful and harmonious view of their garden for as long as possible. Most perennials can make our garden uniquely beautiful for months with their flowers.

Perennials in the garden

To give an example, the lush, deciduous vegetation of Amsonia hubrichtii is adorned with beautiful, small flowers from the beginning of summer. However, she reaches her peak in the fall when she puts on her beautiful fall outfit. Jerusalem sage, sea holly and stone roses are highly decorative perennials when dried up, even after the flowers have faded.

Garden atmosphere

The grassy foliage of Japanese forest grass provides a very special sight from the lush growth of spring until its flaky remnants finally allow time to pass in early winter. The subtly rocking forms of Japanese forest grass create a pleasant feeling of movement in the garden, creating a unique atmosphere.

Custom garden design

We all want a garden that will splurge around our home for a long time, but it requires professionalism, consideration and planning. If you have any questions about garden design or garden construction while reading our article, please contact us with confidence and we are at your disposal!


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