As the end of winter approaches, the spring image of this year's garden is already racing in the minds of many garden owners.

If every detail matters to you when it comes to your garden, choosing the right plants is very important. If you’re looking for smaller plants or dwarf forms of trusted pets that won’t cover your entire garden, here are some suggestions to get you started.

Japanese Dogwood

Although the average mature size can be up to 4-9 meters, the dwarf forms are only 2-3 meters high and wide. Japanese Dogwood or Kousa Dogwood produce creamy white or pink flowers from late spring to early summer, and over time berry-like fruits that bloom until autumn. The bright green leaves turn bright red and purple in the fall.

Japanese maple

Japanese maple has long been a familiar guest in home landscapes. With a wide range of leaf colors, bright autumn foliage, as well as leaves of different shapes and sizes, are suitable for virtually any garden type. Green leaf Japanese maple is one of the most excellent varieties for smaller gardens. The pale green leaves with a reddish tinge take on bright yellow and orange hues in the fall.

Oak leaf hydrangea

The serrated leaves of oak hydrangea take on bright shades of scarlet, purple, and orange in the fall. The elegant white flowers shine in summer and fade into shades of pink and soft beige until autumn. The cinnamon-colored bark is most noticeable in winter. Oak leaf hydrangea feels best in sunny conditions, requiring less water than other hydrangeas.


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