Nowadays, unique roof gardens are becoming more and more popular, which offer a great opportunity to relax even in a big city!

What do you need to know if you want a roof garden?

The design of a residential roof garden is a serious process of cooperation. Start by consulting with a garden designer, reviewing the building remodeling agreement, and understanding any restrictions on the exterior of the living space you own. Creating a beautiful rooftop garden is a comprehensive undertaking - depending on the complexity of the project, designers, structural engineers, architects and various contractors such as roofers, carpenters, gardeners, electricians and plumbers may also be needed.

Premium roof garden

The garden design plan for a roof garden or patio garden should take into account your needs and aspirations, analyze the challenges of the site and take into account the customer’s ideas and lifestyle. As with any garden design, you need to address the site in terms of aesthetics, architecture, functionality, gardening, and sustainability.

Garden design and gardening on the roof

Learn about weight restrictions for your roof or patio, as these will affect what items you choose and how you install them in your garden. By load capacity we mean how much weight a roof structure can withstand. Each roof has a load-bearing capacity per square meter that is not recommended to be exceeded.

Garden design and construction

The logistics of transporting raw materials need to be rethought very carefully, as it is much more complicated to bring the elements of different gardens to the attic than we might think. Consider the dimensions of the doors, elevators, passageways and stairwells, as these will be the way to get your garden elements through. Ideally, the material can be transported conveniently, but in some cases there are situations where the transport of the material poses great challenges.


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