Is your garden too shady, is that why your plants are short-lived?

The too shady gardens

We’ve heard from so many garden owners that they find their garden too shady. The Urban Nature team believes that plants are already „given” on Earth, and our only task is to find the varieties that can best adapt to the conditions of our garden. Shadow plants, especially native species to local conditions, are the most beautiful and tolerant.

Garden plants in the shade

The most common plants for shade gardening are hosts, ferns and yew shrubs. The shady parts of the forests are filled with dense native plants, wherever we go astray. Shadow plants often have thin leaves and a large surface area, making them anatomically suitable for efficient photosynthesis in low light.

Garden design in the shade

While every plant needs light to grow and bloom, the right amount of sunlight varies. Under the right conditions, plants can bloom successfully virtually anywhere! Trees, shrubs, perennials produce flowers for a few weeks, yet the foliage remains throughout the season. The solution is to focus on design with the shape, color, height, texture, or physical quality of the leaf.

Premium garden design

When designing your garden, examine your garden to help you and your family learn about the conditions and characteristics of your gardens. We will help you choose the plants that best suit your preferred style and garden conditions so that your garden can remain beautiful in the long run. If you have any questions about garden planning, be sure to contact your garden designer!


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