Do you like the sound of nature? Let's bring it to your garden!

Using sound in garden design

In landscape design, scent and sound are mechanisms that can help to strongly stimulate emotions, memory, and imagination. Have you ever walked in a garden where your thoughts gripped you and you couldn’t tell them to stop? Do you remember smells, sounds? If we surrender to the feeling, these moments are almost unforgettable.

Music in the garden

Did you know that Louis XIV instructed his musicians to follow him in the garden of Versailles, playing their instruments? Most homeowners don’t have the opportunity to walk in their garden with a band, but they can lure “other musicians” - songbirds - into their garden. Gardening professionals can facilitate the presence of a garden “band” by using different plants. From Italian Renaissance gardens to American prairie gardens, designers have found a way to lure songbirds into the garden, harnessing their musical talent.

Water in the garden

The natural sound of water is key in classical gardens and can be considered as music. Visually hiding the water source forces the garden visitor to expand their sensory experience. The dripping or gurgling sound acts as a white noise, helping any visitor to the garden to relax a bit. A secondary benefit of water appearing in the garden is that it cools its surroundings, making warmer days pleasant.

Pebbles in the garden

The use of different materials can also create a unique atmosphere in any garden. Pea gravel or granite is an easy to use surface in the garden. Pebbles are otherwise very popular acquaintances in gardens. The pebbles create a unique atmosphere for the ritual activities of walking and contemplation in each garden.


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