Garden maintenance

  • Design of the garden

    Whether you’re planning to build a garden from scratch or “just” renovate your current garden, it’s always helpful to get useful ideas and guidance from those who have been designing gardens for years.

  • Design your garden wisely!

    Are you thinking of garden renovation or remodeling, but you have no idea what you want? Get some advice from us!

  • Garden decoration

    As with our previous article, we now focus on shaping our home and garden into a large unit.

  • How do garden design and gardening work?

    If we want a demanding end result, designing a garden, even just building a garden, requires serious professional training.

  • Night gardens

    Have you heard of night gardens?

  • Plants in the garden

    As the end of winter approaches, the spring image of this year's garden is already racing in the minds of many garden owners.

  • Premium roof gardens

    Nowadays, unique roof gardens are becoming more and more popular, which offer a great opportunity to relax even in a big city!

  • Protect your garden!

    If you want to protect your garden from weeds with natural solutions, stay with us for the next few lines!

  • Shady gardens

    Is your garden too shady, is that why your plants are short-lived?

  • Sound of garden

    Do you like the sound of nature? Let's bring it to your garden!